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Clubs & Societies

At Gyandan we practice ‘student centered approach’, where teaching for understanding is coupled with a stimulating and varied curriculum. To inculcate in our students a passion for learning and achievement. We have various clubs and societies of which they can become members. We believe that all our students are unique individuals. With equal potential to make a positive contribution to the school. Our goal is to instill an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Students under the guidance of a faculty member run their own clubs and organize activities. Depending on their interests. They have the option to choose from G.K. Club, Literary Club, Eco Club, Debating Club, Photography Club etc.

Eco Club
The Eco Club at Gyandan is a means by which the students are empowered to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence and engage their parent and neighborhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior. Our Eco Club also empowers students to explore environmental concepts and action beyond the confines of a syllabi of environment education. The school’s Eco Club is abuszz with activities like awareness drives, tree plantation drives, cleanliness drives and recycling project etc.
GK Club
The school G.K Club strives to increase the knowledge of the students in various subjects and current affairs. The club also trains them to excel in various Inter House Inter-School quiz competitions as well as competitive exams. Olympiads at different levels are also an important work of the Club.
Debating Society
The school Debating Society grooms students for the purpose of Speech, Debate, Elocution and improvement in extemporaneous speaking. The club not only prepares students for public speaking, Inter-house and inter-school competitions but also deliberates discussions on current issues of national and international importance to raise student’s awareness levels and to inculcate in them skills such as critical  thinking and qualities of self- confidence
Photography and Art club
A picture speaks a thousand words. Students in the Photography Club are taught the art and technique of good photography. The objective here is to teach them the artistic viewpoints of different photographic angles. We have a good number of ‘Picture perfect’ photographs in the making. Students are taught different types of craft. Painting, drawing and coloring works and involves in different competitions in different levels.
Literary Club
The Literary Club at Gyandan aims to develop analytical and creative thinking. It offers children opportunities to appreciate different types of writings, Literature, increase their knowledge about writers and literary classics. The Club also encourages students to showcase their own work in English and Hindi through the school’s Wall magazine, quarterly publication, ‘Gyandan Times’, and the school’s annual magazine……..
Students are urged to develop a keen interest in reading and writing. Students also get benefit from participating in activities like, Stories, Essays, Articles and different type of writing competitions and quizzes are regularly organized by the club.




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